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The City of Yuma

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Tomkins Pottery

Student Opportunities

Work Study Program

If your interested in attending the symposium for FREE and have the energy and drive to help out, ask your instructor/teacher to nominate you for a work study position. Check out all the details to see if you qualify - Work Study Program

Student Show

This one night flash show is a fantastic opportunity for students to display work during the symposium. Start planning now! You must preregister your work before you arrive at the symposium. Student Show

Show your Stuff

Show Your Stuff is an event that turns the symposium attendee into the symposium presenter.  Participants have the opportunity to present a 5 minute presentation of their personal work in the beautiful Yuma Theater on Friday night of the symposium.  It is a wonderful way to get your work out in public, practice your public speaking, or, if desired, ask the audience for their constructive feedback.

Pin Swap

For 35 years participants have made pins, usually in their preferred media, ranging from the goofy to the sublime. The best access to and selection of pins will be at registration on Thursday. However, pins are traded and sold throughout the symposium.

Saw, file & solder sprints

Three-person relay teams usually, but not necessarily, skilled in metals convert the making of a simple ring into an exciting sports event. Naturally, gorgeous trophies will be awarded to the winning teams. Put a team together, plan your costumes and challenge the champs!

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